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  • cryo-thermal

    combinable with

    high power laser

  • devices with high

    tecnological content and

    sophisticated design

  • aesthetic solutions

    for the well-being and

    health of your body

  • the innovation for treatments -

    ultrasound with cryo-thermal

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  • qmd® products -

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  • qmd® products -

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qualified medical device
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qmd® - qualified medical device

The qmd® brand represents a line of medical and aesthetic devices that stand out for their high technological content, valuable materials and sophisticated design, but which at the same time are characterized by their simplicity of use.

  • In-depth studies of the scientific literature convinced us, initially, that the greatest development potential could be obtained in therapeutic lasers.
  • We saw further potential in the cryo- and thermotherapy, among the most widespread therapies in central-northern Europe.
  • The next step was the development of a portable cryo-thermal combined with an innovative ultrasound.
    Furthermore, the studies have shown that it is useful and effective to use an infrared camera as therapeutic tool.
  • Reading and studying the bibliography led to the development of qmd® Sélene, a cryo-thermal for the aesthetic sector, with particular focus on the reduction of adipose tissue.

From the synthesis of these considerations the qmd® products were born.