laser therapy

The laser is a source of electromagnetic bright radiation.

The laser therapy provide electromagnetic energy in the form of photons, with recognized therapeutic effects:

  • anti-inflammatory of the articulation and muscles;
  • analgesic on nerve fibers;
  • biostimulating and regenerative soft tissue and connective;
  • vasodilator on the microcirculation (thus improves peripheral circulation);
  • anti-inflammatory and anti-edema (you get ready resorption of inflammatory mediators and any collected liquid).

Laser therapy is used for the treatment of the following pathologies:

  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • neck pain;
  • articolar pains;
  • carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • back pain;
  • arthrosis.

qmd® Combined devices laser-cryo-thermal

A complete system of laser and cryo-thermal. Lasers qmd® can provide the following modes: continuous wave, pulsed wave, superpulsed wave, and also qmd® harmonic pulsation. So devices qmd® not only produce analgesic effects but also anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, organic / bio-stimulants and decontracting effects.

Cold therapy is the most common rehabilitation method in Northern Europe. With qmd® cryo-thermal is possible to generate the cryo effect (hypothermia from + 5 ° C to -15 ° C), the thermo effect (hyperthermia from + 25 ° C to + 40 ° C) and the thermal shock (the temperature drops of at least 30 °C in a short time).

The combination of lasers qmd® and the qmd® cryo-thermal can enhance the analgesic effects, the draining effects and it can shorten the life of the thermal break.