• innovative high power laser

    combinable with


  • cryo-thermal

    combinable with

    high power laser

  • devices with high

    tecnological content and

    sophisticated design

  • the innovation for treatments -

    ultrasound with cryo-thermal

  • aesthetic solutions

    for the well-being and

    health of your body

  • qmd® Sélene

    cryo-thermal treatment

    & cryolipolysis

  • the perfect solution

    for women and men

    of all ages

  • SPA-CW

    cryo-thermal &

    whitening treatment

  • excellent results as

    anti-aging, whitening &

    body shape management

  • qmd® products -

    guarantee for success

laser treatment

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About us

The qmd® brand represents a line of medical and aesthetic devices that stand out for their advanced technology, the use of high-quality materials and sophisticated design, all enhanced by exceptional user-friendliness.

Our commitment to innovation is driven by extensive research in the scientific literature, which initially led us to the development of cutting-edge therapeutic lasers. Later, we identified further potential in the cryo- and thermotherapy, which are widely used in Northern and Central Europe.
A step forward in our journey was the integration of a portable cryo-thermal with the combination of innovative ultrasound, which helped redefine the standards of effectiveness and portability.

Consultation of the scientific literature eventually guided us towards the creation of Sélene, a cryo-thermal device intended for the aesthetic sector, with a particular focus on reducing adipose tissue.

From 2023, we are delighted to announce our exclusive collaboration with the prestigious SamunLisa Group, a leader in beauty facilities in China with nearly 1,000 centres across the country. The outcome of this partnership is the creation of the innovative SPA-CW device. A cryo-thermal device that pays particular attention to facial treatments and face whitening. This achievement is the fruit of our joint dedication to innovation and improving the overall psychophysical well-being of our clients.

With qmd®, our dedication lies in offering advanced, high-quality solutions for medical and aesthetic care, helping to improve the lives and well-being of people around the world.


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