about us

our history

Hakomed Italia was founded in 2001 by Hansjörg Dellavaja & Andreas Lutzenberger with the aim to raise awareness by introducing the devices of Hako-Med GmbH in Italy. The high level of interest among Italian doctors already from early clinical trials, and the growing adoption of our bioelectric therapy by the most qualified professionals, convinced us to propose also the diagnostic phase with the introduction of biomechanical postural evaluation systems of the German company Diers GmbH.
In 2014, thanks to the in-depth experience gained over the years in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation sector, the idea was born to create our own brand with the name qmd®- qualified medical device. In the early years, we focused on developing therapeutic lasers and cryo-thermal devices.
In 2019, after many years of experience in the field of rehabilitation and physiotherapy, and after in-depth studies of scientific literature, the qmd® aesthetics division was born. Thanks to the acquired experience, we decided to invest in our technologies to expand our market and we want that our equipment continues to be a point of reference for today’s customers and becomes it for tomorrow’s customers.

our mission

We are a young and innovative company that has successfully specialized in the branch of physiotherapy medicine, rehabilitation and aesthetics. Our successfully tested systems offer a guarantee of quality and reliability for customers. Our company is known for solid and professional relationships, ethically honest and safeguarding. We are socially responsible and aim to promote the science of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and aesthetics to optimize health and quality of life.


our future

Hakomed Italia has today become an established reality in the world of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and aesthetics, with the aim of providing the user with highly innovative technological solutions. We are a company in continuous expansion, both nationally and internationally, with an orientation linked to the optimization of health and quality of life.


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