• qmd® cryo thermal PT - portable version

  • qmd® cryo thermal PT - portable version

  • qmd® cryo thermal PT - portable version

qmd® cryo thermal PT - portable version

After the success of the studio version, thanks to its innovations and ease of use, we decided to introduce the portable version of our cryo-thermal to meet our customers’ needs even more.

The qmd® cryo thermal PT is a portable therapy system for the application of cryotherapy, thermotherapy, thermal shock and the exclusive contrast therapy®. With an ergonomic handpiece that allows direct skin contact, the desired therapeutic e ects can be specifi cally obtained. The system does not require gas loading, or emptying of condensation water.

The device is supplied with a PC unit, 10.1″ colour touch screen display and intuitive user software. The device is equipped with a USB and Ethernet port, to allow remote assistance and software updates without having to leave your medical office.

qmd® cryo thermal PT does not betray the qmd® philosophy and always maintains its unmistakable design, characterised by simple, essential and innovative lines.


Therapeutic solutions

Even in the portable version, the applicable therapies are not reduced:

  • cryotherapy: -2 °C to + 15 °C
  • thermotherapy: + 30 °C to + 42 °C
  • contrast therapy®: alternating heat and cold cycles
  • thermal shock


Pathologies treatable with the cryo thermal PT are:

  • rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory diseases in general
  • back pain
  • osteoarthritis
  • muscle problems
  • acute injuries
  • postoperative convalescence

By exploiting the effects of heat and cold, a variety of other conditions can be treated.

Technical data

  • dimensions 24x34x22h cm
  • weight 7.5 kg
  • 10.1″ display
  • water cooling system
  • USB input for updating your software
  • Ethernet input for remote control
  • no water condensation, no gas and no air jets


We made a device with really small dimensions. It can be easily transported, even outside your studio, and is able to meet any expectation.



We wanted to maintain modularity as one of the important features of our brand: qmd® cryo thermal PT can be upgraded at a
later stage with the qmd® ultrasound module.


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