• qmd® ultrasound-cryo-thermal

qmd® ultrasound-cryo-thermal

In search of continuous improvement, an innovative device has been developed, complete with various functions, which combined even better therapeutic effects can be obtained. There is now an even more effective therapy, unique in its kind, which combines the benefits of cold, heat and ultrasound at 1 and 3 MHz, called qmd® ultrasound-cryo-thermal. This portable system allows the following treatment options:

  • either an ultrasound therapy;
  • or a cryo-thermo-therapy;
  • or an ultrasound-cryo, or an ultrasound-thermo-therapy.


A complete portable device, with limited dimensions, only qmd® ultrasound-cryo-thermal can produce in a single system:

  • cryotherapy: the effect of cold, which can be set from -2 °C to +15 °C;
  • thermotherapy: the effect of heat, which can be set from +30 °C up to +42 °C;
  • thermal shock: an anesthetic effect to temporarily reduce the sensitivity of the receptors, before a painful treatment, such as for example shock waves;
  • contrast therapy®: alternating cycles of heat and cold to reduce edema, relax muscles or to arouse anti-inflammatory effects;
  • ultrasound therapy: complete with 1 and 3 MHz, can deliver in continuous and pulsed mode, and can be combined with heat or cold.

An even more winning combination for your treatments, higher effectiveness in muscle relaxation, repair of tissue damage, resolution of inflammatory processes and painful conditions.

  • The combination with cryotherapy: the purpose is related to the possibility of limiting the thermal effect, thus allowing more energy to be delivered without causing “excessive” heating. The combination with the cryotherapy allows to change, at the same frequency, also the penetration of the ultrasound therapy.
  • The combination with thermotherapy: in some conditions it can help to enhance the therapeutic effects (chronic inflammation, degeneration, muscle contraction).


technical information
• dimensions 22 x 34 x 21h cm
• weight 7.5 kg
• 10.1″ display
• USB input to update your software
• Ethernet input for remote control

• emission mode: continuous and pulsed
• frequencies: 1 and 3 MHz

• water cooling system
• no condensation water, no gas to replace and no air jet