• qmd® ultrasound cryo thermal

  • qmd® ultrasound cryo thermal

  • qmd® ultrasound cryo thermal

  • qmd® ultrasound cryo thermal

qmd® ultrasound cryo thermal

In the pursuit of continuous improvement, an innovative device has been developed, complete with various functions, which are combined to achieve even better therapeutic effects.

qmd® ultrasound cryo thermal – the complete portable device, with small dimensions, is able to produce in one single system:

  • cryotherapy: the effect of cold, which can be set from -2 °C to +15 °C;
  • thermotherapy: the effect of heat, which can be set from +30 °C up to +42 °C;
  • thermal shock: an anesthetic effect to temporarily reduce the sensitivity of the receptors, before a painful treatment;
  • contrast therapy®: alternating cycles of heat and cold to reduce edema, relax muscles or to arouse anti-inflammatory effects;
  • ultrasound therapy: complete with 1 and 3 MHz, can deliver in continuous and pulsed mode, or in the special programmes thynk1 and thynk2
  • ultrasound-cryo, or ultrasound-thermal-therapy

ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic method using mechanical wave energy. These, in addition to generating a micro-massage, are absorbed by the tissues and transformed into thermal energy.

  • By choosing 1 or 3 MHz, it is possible to act on the surface or in depth.
  • The user can choose between continuous or pulsed mode.
  • The innovative and exclusive thynk1 and thynk2 programmes, an alternation of different delivery modes, enable perfect muscle relaxation.

the combination with cryotherapy: the aim is to limit the thermal effect, thus allowing more energy to be delivered without causing “excessive” heating.

the combination with thermotherapy: in certain conditions it can help to enhance the therapeutic effects (chronic inflammation, degeneration, muscular contracture).

technical information

  • dimensions 24 x 34 x 22h cm
  • weight 7.5 kg
  • 10.1″ display
  • USB input to update your software
  • Ethernet input for remote control


  • emission mode: continuous and pulsed
  • special programmes: thynk1 and thynk2
  • frequencies: 1 and 3 MHz


  • water cooling system
  • emission modes: cryo, thermal, thermal shock and contrast therapy®

a device that helps you achieve even better results in the treatment of:

  • repair of fractures and tendon injuries
  • treatment of scar tissue (making it more elastic)
  • relief of joint and muscle pain (by increasing the temperature)
  • acceleration of wound healing
  • increased extensibility of soft tissue
  • reduction in swelling


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