• aesthetic solutions

    for the well-being and

    health of your body

  • cryo-thermo

    treatment and


  • qmd® Sélene - solution

    for cellular aging

    face lifting ...

  • effective reduction

    of localized

    fat deposits

  • the perfect solution

    for women and men

    of all ages

  • cellulite treatment

    tissue toning

    drainage and reshaping

qmd® Sélene

qmd® Sélene is an innovative device, with non-invasive technology, for highly modern aesthetic centers. Sélene allows to obtain a slim and harmonious, but also tonic and healthy body.

  • cryotherapy and thermotherapy – with qmd® Sélene you can generate
    • the cryo effect (hypothermia from -10 °C to +15 °C)
    • the thermal effect (hyperthermia from +30 °C to +42 °C)
    • the qmd trilevel® (application of warm, cold, warm)
    • the contrast treatment (alternating application of warm and cold).
  • programs – The user can easily choose between the open modality, which allows you to select a specific effect, or one of the preset programs, divided by man and woman.

Sélene, the solution for women …

The application of warm and cold affects blood circulation, metabolism and oxygen supply to tissues. Depending on the type of application, it can have a relaxing, toning and firming effect on muscles and tissues. The application of cold for a long time creates a significant reduction of adipose tissues. The alternating application of warm and cold activates the microcirculation, which allows a draining effect.

décolleté: décolleté lifting, wrinkle and double-chin reduction

legs: reduction of excess fat, toning and firming, drainage, slimming, cellulite treatment and muscle relaxation

… and for men

The solution for men of all ages to prevent and correct various bodily imperfections, for the well-being and health of the body, through the loss of fat and the toning of the skin and muscles.

arms: reduction of excess fat, toning and firming and drainage

abdomen: reduction of excess fat, toning and firming


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