• qmd® Sélene PT

  • qmd® Sélene PT

qmd® Sélene PT

Sèlene PT is the portable version of Sélene. It has the same functions as Sélene, but it is much more compact and practical to carry around. It is the ideal device if a client has several studios, for those who have little space and also ideal for domestic treatments. Sélene PT almost reaches the performance of the larger model.

What are the benefits of Sélene PT?

  • Sélene PT has maintained the distinctive design of qmd®, characterized by the completely plastic-free line, by the refined materials and the solidity of the devices;
  • it has the same functions as the “big sister”, and therefore the same protocols, the same temperature range and the same ease of use;
  • the software is now developed on LINUX basis;
  • the tube is 2 meters long and more flexible, which allows you to be comfortable during treatments;
  • the handpiece is now lighter and smaller, suitable for longer treatments with less effort.


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