HPC therapy - high performance combination

An in-depth study of the scientific bibliography and years of experience with laser therapy, cryotherapy and thermotherapy has enabled our researchers to develop the HPC therapy, called “high performance combination“, which arouses particularly good effects on inflamed tissues.

Our research focused on further improving the well-known and scientifically published anti-inflammatory effects of laser and cryotherapy. With laser technology a good anti-inflammatory effect is already obtained, but an inflamed tissue in the acute phase has an excessive concentration of water molecules, which reduces, or even offsets, the therapeutic effect of the laser. An inflamed tissue in the chronic phase needs instead an increase in microcirculation.

The HPC therapy consists of the combination of the laser, the cryo- and also the thermotherapy.

  • In the case of an acute inflammation, it is recommended starting with the contrast therapy®, anti-inflammatory program – acute phase (cycles of hot and cold, finishing with cold); then continue with the laser (for effects – anti-inflammatory) and finish with the cryo. By finishing the treatment with the cryo, we also exploit the excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of it, and cool again down the tissue newly heated by the laser.
  • In the case of a chronic inflammation, instead, it is not recommended cooling the tissue, but it is recommended applying heat. In order to prevent a vasodilatation of the vessels with the contrast therapy®, before applying the laser therapy, it is suggested to start directly with laser treatment (for effects – anti-inflammatory), and to end with the contrast therapy®, “anti-inflammatory” program in “chronic phase” (cycles of cold and hot, finishing with heat).

It is precisely the combination of the effects of these different therapies that allows a much more effective improvement even after a few sessions.


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