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In search of continuous improvement, an innovative device has been developed, complete with various functions, which combined even better therapeutic effects can be obtained. There is now an even more effective therapy which combines the benefits of cold, heat and ultrasound at 1 and 3 MHz, called qmd® ultrasound cryo thermal.

the basics

The effects of cold – cryo-therapy
Cryotherapy is a physical therapy through the cold, which arouses several well-known therapeutic effects. The cold causes an induced vasoconstriction that prevents the expansion of an edema; it decreases the perception of pain, reflex muscle contractures and post-traumatic edemas; it exerts an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory action (in the acute phase) useful in rheumatic diseases with an inflammatory imprint.

The effects of heat – thermo-therapy
Thermotherapy, on the other hand, is a physical therapy using heat. The heat increases the blood flow, promotes the elimination of waste accumulated in the tissues, increases oxygenation, accelerates all the biochemical reactions of the body and has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory (in the chronic phase) and muscle relaxant effect.

The effects of ultrasound – ultrasound therapy
Ultrasound therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic method, which uses the mechanical energy of sound waves to penetrate deeply through human soft tissues. The waves used in ultrasound therapy usually have a frequency between 1 and 3 MHz, the choice to apply the ultrasound in the continuous mode or in the pulsed mode depends upon the type of therapy required.

Ultrasound determines both a thermal effect (in depth heating) and a mechanical one (micro massage). Ultrasound therapy is mainly designed for muscle relaxation, treatment of scar tissue, repair of tissue damage, resolution of inflammatory processes, healing of fractures and regeneration of peripheral nerves.

The combination of everything - ultrasound-cryo-thermotherapy

The purpose of combining the ultrasound therapy and cryotherapy is linked to the possibility of containing the thermal effect, thus allowing more energy to be delivered without causing “excessive” heating.

The opportunity to contain the thermal effect is evident in some conditions (immediate post-acute, acute inflammation), while in others it could exalt the therapeutic effects (chronic inflammation, degeneration, muscle contraction), so this already justifies the combination with the thermotherapy.

Even more important, especially for the treatment of post-traumatic edema and hematoma, is the combination of contrast therapy® (cycles of heat and cold) with ultrasound (emulsion of large molecules and reabsorption by alternating vasoconstriction and vasodilatation).


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