• qmd® helios cryo-thermal

    laser helios 1064+808+1120nm 24W

    and cryo-thermal module

  • qmd® cryo-thermal PT

    portable version

    for cryo- and thermotherapy

  • qmd® Sélene - aesthetic device

    for cryo-thermo treatment

    and cryolipolysis

  • qmd® ultrasound-cryo-thermal

    combination of ultrasound

    and cryo-thermal therapy

product overview

qmd®-qualified medical device, offers you a complete therapy system consisting of medical lasers, cryo-thermals, cryo thermal PT, ultrasound cryo thermal, and a cryo-thermal for aesthetics. The entire product line is characterized by a simple and essential design, built with the maximum care for every detail. Our software is intuitive and easy to use, at your fingertips thanks to a 10.1″ color touch screen display. All our products are innovative, can be connected to the internet, and are built with respect for the environment. qmd® offers you a set of unique functions.

laser therapy


combined laser-cryo-thermal


aesthetic cryo-thermo-treatment



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